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Using ZCB

By demonstrating that integrated and technically feasible solutions to the climate problem do exist, and by clearly laying out the scale and nature of change required, the Zero Carbon Britain project from the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) aims to support and inspire the requisite action to achieve a positive zero carbon future.

All ZCB resources are available to download, use and distribute for free. Please feel free to use our work in any way necessary to support your work towards a positive future.

Here are some examples of how others have used Zero Carbon Britain research, and some ideas for further action:

Two Energy Futures - Greener Future

The Two Energy Futures project use ZCB research to campaign using an interactive infographic.

TTT shad cab parcel

Transition Towns Tooting send a copy of our latest report to Shadow Cabinet members via local MP Sadiq Khan.

Andy Hamilton giving Will Straw ZCB

CAT member Andy hands a ZCB ‘Report in Short’ at an event to Will Straw of IPPR.

Liverpool uni at CAT thumbnail

Liverpool University students attend a ZCB talk at CAT as part of their Geography degree.

green new deal group

The Green New Deal group use ZCB research in their latest report ‘A National Plan for the UK’.

Transition M.Hs

CAT supporter Transition Towner Nathan gives an adapted ZCB talk at the Malvern Hills Communities Festival.

Mark Dorset

A group in Dorest are developing a zero carbon action plan using ZCB to implement at a county level.

Spreading a positive message

If we can't imagine the solution, we will surely stay stuck in the problem - so please do help us spread the message that a positive, zero carbon Britain is possible.

  • Share our website, materials and videos on social media and through your networks.
  • Distribute flyers and the 'Report in Short' at venues and events (available to download, or order).
  • Arrange a ZCB talk - either invite us to speak, or do it yourself using our presentation materials with notes, audio and video.
  • Write an article for a blog, local newspaper or newsletter (contact us if you need any help).

Political change

We need to push our policy makers to take more radical action towards a sustainable future, and showing public support for this is vital.

You could write to your Member of Parliament (MP), Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP), Assembly Member (AM), Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), or Member of European Parliament (MEP) about the need for rapid decarbonisation in the UK and the benefits of a zero carbon Britain. 


The CAT education department has a range of excellent resources about ZCB for all levels, including resources for teachers and talks and demonstrations on-site.

Practical Action

At an individual level, practical action is needed from us all to achieve a zero carbon Britain - from using more public transport to eating less meat to insulating our homes or generating our own energy.

While ZCB paints an overall picture, there are some excellent campaigns and organisations giving guidance and encouragement for specific aspects of behavioural change. The Home Energy Handbook, for example, was written as a practical accompaniment to ZCB for individual and community action on energy usage and generation.


If you've found the Zero Carbon Britain project and our resources useful, or if you can think of other things we could do to help, please do let us know - it helps us to continue and develop our work.

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