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Zero Carbon Britain is the flagship research project from the Centre for Alternative Technology, showing that a modern, zero-emissions society is possible using technology available today.

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New report out now - Raising Ambition: Click here to download the full report

The UN Paris Agreement states that humanity must reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by the middle of this century. This is a big shift, but we have no option other than to succeed if we are to avoid really dangerous climate change.

Since its inception in 2007, the Zero Carbon Britain project has offered the hard data and confidence required for visualising a future where we have risen to the demands of climate science. It has helped to reduce fear and misunderstandings and open new, positive, solution-focused conversations. It shows:

  • We can provide a reliable energy supply for the UK with 100% renewable energy sources and flexible carbon neutral back up - without fossil fuels, nuclear power, or gambling on the promise of future technology.
  • We can grow the vast majority of the food we need for a healthy, low carbon diet, and manage our land to capture carbon, nurture biodiversity and increase the health and resilience of our ecosystems.
  • We can deliver a modern lifestyle, create employment, improve our wellbeing, and ensure that the future we leave for our children and generations to come is safe and sustainable.

Changing how billions of people live on Planet Earth is a very special kind of problem, as the forces that shape our lives exist on many different levels. Rather than an unresolved technical challenge, it is increasingly accepted that we face a mix of economic, cultural and psychological barriers. Joining up research and practice across disciplines, borders, sectors and scales creates the connected approach needed to overcome them.

New report out now

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Raising Ambition - Zero carbon scenarios from across the globe (2018) brings together an international range of scenarios exploring climate-stable futures at global, regional, national and sub-national scales.

Download full report

Download summary report


Existing research reports include:

Technical Scenario

ZCB rethinking the future (2013)Zero Carbon Britain: Rethinking the Future (2013) models a technically robust scenario for zero emissions using only proven technologies via a dual process of ‘powering down’ energy demand, whilst ‘powering up’ renewable energy supplies.

Download full report

Download summary report

Overcoming Barriers

ZCBMIH ReportCover borderZero Carbon Britain: Making it Happen (2017) explores the economic, cultural and psychological barriers to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions, and offers a positive, connected toolkit of ideas to help us overcome them.


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